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Cancer Care/Treatment Strategy

Premier Cancer Care; A Comprehensive Strategy

Carefree Health Path is an exceptional integrative care facility that offers advanced naturopathic treatments and holistic healthcare methods that can be used in tandem with conventional therapies. We are committed to excellence and premier advanced cancer care. Offering the best in healthcare and aim to help you achieve optimal health, vitality, and quality of life. Especially in the case of advanced cancer care, our inclusive, comprehensive approach allows you to better understand the disease, the symptoms, cancer cells and your treatment options.

We understand that the key to success in the war on cancer is to fight it intelligently, with the best ‘tools’ available. Naturopathic medicine or, as it is also referred to, complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) cancer care treatments can be seen as clear alternatives to allopathic methodologies as well as an adjuvant approach to be used in conjunction with more mainstream methods. In fact our treatment options aim to
 discerningly target cancerous cells as you may have read in natural cancer reviews elsewhere, while at the same time shielding and strengthening healthy cells.

When necessary we will work to discover causative factors to your disease. Having this comprehensive approach for your health care can be the key to success. Our naturopathic clinic is amongst the very best in the country upon several natural cancer reviews on our premier cancer care.

Our integrative approach offers a much larger holistic healthcare ‘medical toolbox’ providing options to piece together your healthcare puzzle. We have extensive experience in cancer care and treating patients suffering from all types of health conditions especially cancers. We always offer an individualized, comprehensive treatment approach. 
We provide everyone who comes into Carefree Health Path this dedication because everyone deserves comprehensive medical options for all health issues and definitely in the case of treating cancer.

Go to our Naturopathic Treatments Page for a brief list of therapies we may utilize.

Potent Integrative Therapy;

We offer potent integrative therapies, which aim to normalize the internal bodily environment, on which the cancer has grown and restore the body's ability to fight the cancer cells in several ways. 
We support the body's regulatory, use advanced cancer therapy to repair and immune mechanisms, and help recognize and eliminate cancer cells.  
Boost the capacity of natural killer cells (killing cancer cells) to kill cancer cells.
Address 'Toxic Overload Syndrome' such as chemicals, toxins, and carcinogens that can damage DNA, suppress the immune system, disrupt your endocrine system, and trigger cellular mutations. (Please refer to my Heavy Metal page for more information)
Therapies to restore proper mitochondrial function (Warburg effect) which is essential to fight this disease.
We offer a very comprehensive strategy for cancer of all types and stages.
Carefree Health Path does not offer in-house chemotherapy, radiation or surgery; however, we can work with your doctors/oncologists to help give you the most effective integrative therapy possible to remove toxic cancer cells from your body.  

We are proud to be affiliated with who has been helping mesothelioma victims and their families for over 25 years. They understand, as stated on their web site;

'Naturopathy is not an uncontroversial division of medicine but many have benefited greatly from naturopathic therapies, including those undergoing mesothelioma cancer treatment. Mesothelioma patients may find holistic healthcare and naturopathic medicine to be more helpful than traditional invasive therapies like those described in our mesothelioma treatment guide. Many patients have far-outlived initial the mesothelioma prognosis through complementing traditional therapies with naturopathic remedies or even foregoing traditional medicines altogether.' offers a vast array of information on mesothelioma and we are happy to be part of their efforts.

Our Therapeutic Aim:

• Place the cancer in remission
• Keep the cancer from spreading
• Slow the cancer's growth
• Kill cancer cells that may have spread to other parts of the body
• Improve quality of life

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Below are three videos on cancer. Please click on the "Your video" screens below to begin these informative videos.

The first video illustrates what cancer is.  

The second video illustrates what cancer is.

The third is an interesting video on Vitamin D and lung cancer. Vitamin D has been shown to be useful against several cancers.    


  • The Naturopathic Therapies can be administered;

    1) Concurrently while the patient undergoes conventional therapies such as chemo/radiation.

    2) Following the completion of conventional therapies.

    3) On their own if conventional therapy is no longer an option or per patient choice after oncological                      

        options understood.

    4. To improve quality of life. To give you potent options for success.


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    DISCLAIMER: We have provided this information for educational purposes so that those diagnosed with cancer can learn more about their condition. Medical information obtained from our website is not intended as a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you have a health issue, you should consult a health care provider. As of today's medical standards, only conventional medicine is FDA approved for the treatment of cancer. As with all medical treatments, responses can vary from patient to patient, even if the diagnosis is similar.